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       YKK品牌内容旨在向全世界传播“小拉链,大学问”(Little Parts. Big Difference)之理念。 - 将于9月6日(周三)起在官方网站和YouTube上以7种语言播出 –

       东京--(美国商业资讯)--YKK株式会社(YKK Corporation,总部地址:1 Kanda-Izumicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo)制作了一部名为《FASTENING DAYS 3》的动画短片,这是该公司大力推广其企业品牌和拉链产品所做努力的一部分。       《FASTENING DAYS 3》是《FASTENING DAYS》三部曲的第三部短片,截至目前,前两部的全球总播放量已达1300万次。《FASTENING DAYS 3》定于9月6日(周三)在YKK的YouTube官方频道(网址:和YKK的官方网站(网址:上发布,提供英文和日文音频,并配西班牙文、中文(简体)、法文、泰文和越南文字幕。此外,它还将以商业广告形式出现在YouTube上,并在不同国家发布。

       《FASTENING DAYS 3》故事发生在未来世界的一座城市,主人公Yoji、Kei和Kelly利用拉链拯救这座四面楚歌的城市,并再次感受到与周围世界的心心相连。未来装备也会出现在这部短片中,以表明YKK接受创造新产品的挑战立场。

       YKK已建立了与这部短片同时发布的《FASTENING DAYS》 Facebook页面,并将不断发布相关信息。










Hiroaki Otani


        公关办事处(代表短片《FASTENING DAYS 3》):INITIAL Inc.公关公司
       Hiroki Ishimaru


TOKYO--()--YKK Corporation (headquarters located at 1 Kanda-Izumicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo) has produced a short animated feature titled “FASTENING DAYS 3” as part of its effort to widely promote its corporate brand and zippers. “FASTENING DAYS 3” is the third video in the “FASTENING DAYS” trilogy, which thus far have had a total of 13 million views from around the world. It is slated to be released worldwide on Wednesday, September 6 on YKK’s Official YouTube Channel (URL: and on YKK’s official website (URL: in both English and Japanese audio and with Spanish, Chinese (simplified), French, Thai, and Vietnamese subtitles. It will also be distributed as a commercial ad on YouTube in various countries.

“FASTENING DAYS 3” takes place in a city in the near future where the main characters, Yoji, Kei and Kelly, rescue the endangered city using zippers and once again feel a connection with the surrounding world. Futuristic equipment is featured in this video as well, reflecting YKK’s stance of taking on the challenge of creating new products.

YKK has set up a “FASTENING DAYS” Facebook page to accompany the release of this short feature and will be continually releasing related information.

About YKK Corporation

The YKK Group operates a global business management structure across 6 regions in 70 countries and regions around the world, with its core business segment being fastening products (zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.).

Company name:
YKK Corporation
Hiroaki Otani


PR office for short animated feature FASTENING DAYS 3: INITIAL Inc. PR company
YKK Corporation
Hiroki Ishimaru
Corporate Communications Group