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『2019上海拉链展』 将于2019年7月10-12日在上海新国际博览中心举办

时间:2018-10-27     【转载】   来自:会展之窗

      中国拉链网讯 2019上海拉链展将于2019年7月10-12日在上海新国际博览中心举办,同期将于中国颇具规模的第16届上海国际箱包皮具手袋展览会,第16届上海国际鞋类博览会,第16届上海国际皮革鞋材鞋机展,上海国际流行服饰展览会共同举办,以各类服装鞋包企业为重点衔接对象,实现上下游联动,全产业链无缝对接,吸引了如YKKSBSYCC、三力、福兴、伟星,浦发,驰马,芊茂,将相和,恒威,宝隆等国内外顶尖拉链制造商参加,参展企业效果反映较好。此次展会的举办推动拉链行业转型升级,推动拉链行业快速发展。届时将吸引来自全球数万名专业买家到场,同时将成为拉链行业的交流的展贸平台。

2019 China (Shanghai) Zipper and Equipment exhibition will be held in July 2019 10-12th in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the same period will be in China's 16th annual Shanghai International Leather Handbags Exhibition, the 16th Shanghai International Footwear Exposition, the 16th session of Shanghai International Shoes Shoe Machine exhibition, Shanghai International Fashion Exhibition co-organized to various types of apparel and footwear enterprises as the focus of cohesion objects, to achieve upstream and downstream linkage, the entire industry chain seamless docking, attracting such as YKK,SBS,YCC, three forces, Fuxing, Wai Star, Pu fat, CMZ, Qian Mao, will phase and, Heng Wei, Pollux and other top zipper manufacturers to participate in, The effect of exhibiting enterprises is better reflected. The exhibition to promote the zipper industry transformation and upgrading, to promote the rapid development of the zipper industry. It will attract tens of thousands of professional buyers from around the world, and will become the exchange of the zipper trade platform.